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Granny Dating- Anal Lovers

Tits, legs or arse? Some men only have eyes for that arse. If you like Granny Dating but you find yourself just looking for the Grannies with that perfect arse then this could be the site for you. Anal Loving grannies.

This site can be taken many ways. We know that some men absolutely loving rimming and love anal sex. Some love a juicy ripe arse but are not interested in bum sex. Some men love getting rimmed but don’t like rimming other people. Some men are just obsessed with mature arses. For each of these options, we like to think that you will find a member on this site to satisfy your needs and requirements.

But how do you know which women will suit you?

Each profile on this site lists their interests from arse fingering to being rimmed. You can even filter your results by what fantasy you are looking to fulfil. This is the beauty of

The site was an idea that was spawned off the back of looking at common interests in not only men but also older, sexually active women. We spent some time researching different interests within the mature market, and anal sex came out as being one of the most popular. So we thought why not create a sub-site for men who are only really looking for women who like arse sex and everything involved with it? 

Over time this sub-brand has grown into its own unique dating site. The beauty of this approach is that we can offer smaller sites that cater to a specific interest. By doing this we like to think it takes our members even less time to meet the right person for them. This might mean that granny anal might have a smaller volume of active members but it should mean that when you meet someone that takes your fancy they might be more up for it!

Why do people love anal?

This is an interesting question really. Well, women do actually have a g-spot in their anus. So women do actually get pleasure from anal and for men anal probing presses on the prostate gland which can cause extreme pleasure when done right. But I think the real sexual drive of anal just comes down to it being a bit of a forbidden area. I think this is why men love rimming women so much just comes down to being so close to a woman arse they can actually lick it.

Also for both parties, the anus is a very sensitive area so having a tongue caress over the actual hole can be a very nice feeling. On the other hand, the anus is usually a lot tighter than the vagina and this can be a really nice feeling for both parties involved. Either way, if you are on this site you probably don’t need me telling you why you like this. You probably want to just meet some horny members who really up for it!

Signing up to our site as a free member should take no more than a couple of minutes if you know your way around a computer, and we do not require any card details for you to register your free account. If you don’t like your membership then you are able to cancel your trial and we promise we will not bother you again. Enjoy your time on the site!

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