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Are you definitely more of an arse man than a tits man? Would you say you prefer the brown to the pink? Then join the club. (Literally join up now for free.)Anal loving grannies is full of anal daters.

But what makes someone an anal sex dater?

Well all men have different fantasies to do with the arse. Some men are more like arse worshippers and love everything from anal sex to rimming. Other men enjoyed getting rimmed and some men actually like getting fucked up the arse with a strap on. If any of these things appeal to you then Anal loving grannies is the site for you. And don’t worry, this is definitely a straight site!

They say men’s obsessions with arses came originally from the shape of boobs. To be honest we are not really sure and we don’t care. All we know is there is nothing better than getting a horny granny, bending her over and fucking her right up the arse.

How many Grannies are on the site?

Even though this site might seem quite specific we actually have over 100 people signing up a day with a surprisingly high level of women signing up. Turns out that lots and lots of grannies get pleasure out of anal sex. The arse is quite sensitive and maybe they enjoy the feeling of being taken up the arse? I don’t really know but it is great news for the men in the UK!

What is the most popular anal positions?

We did a pole and asked over 5000 of our members what was their favourite anal sex position. These are the top three. 

1. Doggy

2. Missionary

3. The crouching tiger 

For those of you who don’t know, the crouching tiger is very similar to reverse cowgirl!

Our Aim

Originally our aim was to just help men find horny grannies to have sex with. Even though that really is our number one goal. Over the years we have grown to a point we had had to start catering to our users needs to help them get the most out of our sites.

Filtering systems

We understand that a lot of men like to browse through different profiles. But the majority know what they want and just want to find it as soon as possible. For example, variety is great but if you know you are just looking for a fat granny near London to fuck up the arse, wouldn’t it be good to just filter down the result to women who fit that criteria?

We thought it would, so we began to ask all of our members, not only about their appearance and location, but also about their fantasies. As you join up you will tick fantasies you would like to perform on others and what you enjoy performing on them. This process allows us to categorise members for search results.

So now you can filter your results by appearance and others who share your sexual fantasies. This really does cut out a lot of the hard work!


Our main concern with this site is that we wanted to make it safe and secure. We wanted our users to know that if they were going to sign up to a site like this they would be in secure company and have no one on the site that was just messing around. To get around this issue we have got a designated team working around the clock reading every single profile that is submitted to authenticate it. If any profiles look dodgy or fake we take the profiles down straight away. On top of this we get every single profile checked out by online dating protector. So you know that every single person on this site that you speak to are who they say they are.

Sign up takes less that one minute and is completely free. All you have to do is enter a real email address, your date of birth and your password. Then are free to browse hundreds of anal daters profiles. Any problems, just give our support team a call at 0800 987 5555

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