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Welcome to Granny Dating Anal Lovers.

Do you have fantasies about having sex with older women? If so, you have come to the right place. However what if your only interested in having anal sex with older women? Then perhaps Granny Dating is too broad for you and you should sign up to Anal loving grannies! was started in 2006. It started because, at the time there were no dating sites for men who had fantasies about having sex with older women. As soon as it was released hundred of men and women signed up. What we quickly realised was that there are lots and lots of older women out there looking to be shagged and lots of men who would love to shag older women. Since then our database has grown and grown.

Who is on the site?

Well this is the bit you might find shocking. There are almost equal number of women on this site to men and the majority of women on this site are engaging in sex with multiple different partners. (The grannies on this site really are filthy.)This mixture tends to keep the women and the men happy.

The only problem!

Over time grew to a point where men felt there was almost too many grannies to go through. We were having complaints form men saying that they had to go through pages of women in there area to get to the ones they were actually interested in. This meant only one logical thing. Adding a way to help members filter their results.

Filter through our members

When we first introduced this system it was very basic. So we enabled people to search by hair colour and interests. But this wasn’t really enough and we knew it.

See in order to filter results, members have to enter information about themselves. So for example someone who has ticked a box to say they have blonde hair will come up in the results for someone who is searching for women with blonde hair.

Well we had a long hard thing about what kind of information members would like to know about each other. So not only did we add appearance. We started to add fields like sexual interests. Peoples sexual fantasies. What they enjoyed to do to others and more importantly what they wanted to be done to them.

This really opened up the playing field in terms of searching.

Now people could filter result, not only by hair colour, but by sexual fantasies. You could literally filter the results by women with brown hair, brown eye near London who enjoyed anal sex. Sound good? The best thing is it actually works.

Online dating has made it easier to find people because it cuts out a lot of the hard work such as approaching people, chatting them up, impressing them etc. These days people can make their mind up about someone just by looking at their dating profile. But this has made things even easier. Now if you want to meet someone specifically for anal sex, you can. You don’t have to worry about asking them if they are interested in anal sex because they have already said they do on their profile. You could even confirm you are meeting up for anal before you meet so you can get straight into it.

How secure is the site?

We have a team of people reading through every single profile submitted to authenticate each profile. We want to make sure that the people you are speaking to on our site really are the people they say they are. We have also grouped up with online dating protector to make sure you are completely safe while using our site. We know one of the reasons people don’t use Online dating is because of the safety aspect and we wanted to make sure that definitely was not the case for the members using

The kind of people you could meet

We’d love to welcome you as a member too!