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Are you looking for Granny Slappers? If so this might be the perfect site for you? We have hundreds of slappers on the site. But even better than that, every single one of them is obsessed with anal sex dating.

There are all sorts of granny slags out there who are into all kind of kinky things.  Well this site specialised in anal pleasures. So everything from granny rimming, granny anal, granny strap-ons…you name it. The grannies listed on this site do it.

How many are on the site?

You might be thinking at this point because it is such a unique site that not many people are signed up to it but you would be wrong. This is one of’s most popular “sub-sites”. Anal loving grannies has over 100 people signing up a day from all over the UK.  There could potentially be one signed up who lives down the road. 

Actually our database allow’s members to search by their postcode so you could sign up for free and do a quick search to test. (And don’t worry, if you cancel your membership we will not bother you again)

How to find the right match

All the mature women on this site are here to have sex. The question is, how do you find the right match for you?

Well there are different search’s you can do once you start your free membership 

  1. Search in your area
  2. Search by appearance (Blonde, fat)
  3. Search by their sexual preferences
  4. Search by your sexual preferences
  5. Search any variation of the above 4 at the same time.

As you can see we wanted to make finding your ideal match as easy as possible. Originally we just allowed users to search by area and appearance. But as the site grew and grew we have had to add more elements to help whittle down your search results.

So if you now decide you want to meet a horny slut from Leeds, with Red hair and an obsession with Anal sex, you can!

Our aim

Granny Dating has been built by a group of people who just wanted an easy way to meet up with Grannies for a shag. So we make sure we don’t bombard you with useless emails. We only email you when someone wants to meet up. We also make sure that all the members on the site are real. We do this, as we would personally hate to use a site that was full of fake users.


In order to ensure that all the members on this site are real we have partnered with Online dating protector to verify all emails of the users. On top of that we have got a team working around the clock reading all profile to make sure nothing is spammy or fake. If we think any of the users have got wrong intention or are only signed up to mess around we remove them. This is our dedication to helping you find some one to shag as easily as possible.

Sign up process is full of Granny Slappers and takes just 2 minutes to sign up. Sign up is completely free and we don’t even ask you to enter you card details; all you need is a valid email and a password. Once you are on you can have a click around to see if this is the kind of site you would like to become a member of. If it is you can sign up as a full member (for less than the price of a night out) or you can cancel your membership and we will not bother you again.

 We hope you enjoy your time on Anal loving Grannies!

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